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Enterprise Culture
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  Corporate cultural norms

  Mission: Develop human health cause and share a wonderful life

  Objective: Create world brand, serve global customers

  Business Philosophy: Humanized Management, Foresighted Decision, Credit, Benevolence, Innovation, Transcendence

  Spirit: Dedication + Innovation + Pragmatism + Efficiency

  Management philosophy Specification

  Technology Concept: Pursue innovation and transcendence of products and technology

  Quality Concept: Quality is life of the enterprise

  Market Concept: Credit, Customer Satisfaction, Mutual Benefit, Common Development

  Talent Concept: People Orientation, Benevolence, Fair System, Equal Opportunity, people with both talent and virtue can be exceptionally promoted; people with virtue with no talent should be restricted for use; people with talent with no virtue should never be used.

  Work Style: Achieve success through efforts; never find an excuse for failure.