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Hepatoprotective health food "Jihai brand milk thistle capsule" approval certificate

Writer:Alisa WangDate:2016-07-07

Hepatoprotective health food "Jihai brand milk thistle capsule" approval certificate

----Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd will make a great contribution to human health

   On March 31, 2016, the State Food and Drug Administration issued certificate of approval for domestic health food "milk thistle Capsules" to Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It is the first one that Milk thistle extract as a health care products in China.

   Due to many social factors, environmental factors and human bad eating habits, they will increase the burden on the liver and bring serious harm. This damage as long as it is continuous and repeated, will gradually and slowly caused by hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer and other major diseases, affecting the normal operation of other organs of the body, serious life-threatening. It will cause hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer and other major diseases. In view of the serious problems of human health, some life scientists, health experts together to seek effective drugs and health food for the prevention and treatment of liver damage through scientific research. After years of scientific research and experiments that the drug therapy is a kind of the temporary remedial measures after injury and illness. It is important that before the liver damage, eating health food of protecting liver to effectively control the damage.

   The silymarin is magic, It can protect our liver.

   Milk thistle (also known as milk thistle, Shea grass), originating in the mediterranean. Two thousand years ago, it was found that it has a significant role in health care, so it is widely used in disease prevention and treatment. Modern scientific research has found in milk thistle extract contains flavonolignans, isosilybin, dehydrogenated silibinin, Silybum marianum bin polymers, silychristin, silydianin, palmitoleic acid, cinnamic acid, flavonoids and others. Silymarin is a kind of special protective function of natural herbal essence. Silymarin can also antioxidant, scavenging free radicals, effectively prevent the further development of fatty liver and promote the repair and regeneration of liver, protecting liver cells, activates the body's immunity, improve the activity of liver cells, enhance vitality of liver. Its application is getting more and more widely. The prospect is very considerable. Developed countries medical scientist, botanist and life scientists have did research and confirmed the milk thistle extract can not only cure disease, but also can prevent disease. Because milk thistle extract is non-toxic and no side effects and has health care function exactly, so that foreigners take milk thistle capsule as health food anywhere. So there is a lot of market space.  It is convenient for them to eat at any time.

    The domestic and foreign literature shows that silymarin has function of protecting liver. Expert argumentation has the protective function to chemical liver injury. Jihai brand milk thistle capsules in full compliance with the requirements of food, health care. Jihai brand milk thistle capsules obtained health food certificate in March this year (symbol: China food health word G20160221). My company is about to organize production and welcome manufacturers with production conditions and sales channels to discuss cooperation.

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