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MilkthistleoilisthenewresourcefoodmaterialsapprovedbytheNationalHealthandFamilyPlanningCommissionwhichsubmittedbyPanjinTianyuan.Milkthistleoiliscoldpressedandrefinedfromthemilkthistlefruit.Milkthistleisatreasure,thefruitandextracthastheeffectclearingheat,detoxification,liverprotection,cholagogue,brainprotection,anti-X-rayeffect.Ithasagoodeffectontheacuteandchronichepatitis,cirrhosis,fattyliver,toxicliverdamage,gallstones,cholecystitis.Milkthistleoilisrichinnutrition,polyunsaturatedfattyacidoils.Italsocontainsiron(Fe),zinc(Zn),selenium(Se)andotheressentialtraceelementsandvitaminsB1,B2,C,E.Itisnotonlyagoodcookingoil,alsohasaroleinreducingbloodfat,liverprotection,improvingeyesight,anti-TBandphysicalfitness.Inaddition,youcanalsodospecialcosmeticsandotherindustrialoilwithit.OurcompanyhasaMilkThistleoilproductionlinewiththeQScertification,which dedicatedtotheuniquecold-pressed,refiningprocess.Itcanproducealightyellowtransparent,lightfaintscentMilkThistleoilthousandtonsormore.Packingspecifications:500ml-1.8Lsmallpackage(giftpackaging,generalpackaging),andalsoprovidethecustomerneedsspecificationpackaging.Ouroperationprincipleisloveandintegrity,withouruniquetechnologytoproducegoodqualityMilkThistleoil,forthebenefitofhumanhealthworldwide.
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Milk thistle oil is the new resource food materials approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission which submitted by Panjin Tianyuan.
Milk thistle oil is cold pressed and refined from the milk thistle fruit.
Milk thistle is a treasure, the fruit and extract has the effect clearing heat, detoxification, liver protection, cholagogue, brain protection , anti- X -ray effect. It has a good effect on the acute and chronic hepatitis , cirrhosis, fatty liver , toxic liver damage, gallstones, cholecystitis.
Milk thistle oil is rich in nutrition, polyunsaturated fatty acid oils .It also contains iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), selenium (Se) and other essential trace elements and vitamins B1, B2, C, E. It is not only a good cooking oil , also has a role in reducing blood fat , liver protection , improving eyesight, anti-TB and physical fitness . In addition , you can also do special cosmetics and other industrial oil with it.
Our company has a Milk Thistle oil production line with the QS certification,which  dedicated to the unique cold-pressed , refining process.It can produce a light yellow transparent , light faint scent Milk Thistle oil thousand tons or more . Packing specifications : 500ml-1.8L small package ( gift packaging, general packaging ) , and also provide the customer needs specification packaging.
Our operation principle is love and integrity,with our unique technology to produce good quality Milk Thistle oil, for the benefit of human health worldwide.

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