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  Tianyuan has five workshops and ten production lines. The production capacity of producing series of Silymarin is 500 tons per year. The capacity of processing other plant extracts is 5000 tons (Calculate as the raw material). There is one press production line, the processing capacity of which is 15000 tons (Calculate as the raw material) and one refined special oil production line,which can produce milk thistle oil, EPO and flax seed oil about 3000 tons per year. There is one External Drugs workshop, which can meet tincture, solution and liniments production needs.
  All workshops which are established according to GMP standard have advanced equipments, scientific process, standard operational practice and rigorous management, all of which can guarantee the products with high quality and just-in-time delivery.

    Especially, we have established good relations of cooperation with customers, and they gave us the suggestions and their local standards to help us to improve our products, from America, Canada, Germany, Spain, Korea and so on. So, now, our product can satisfy most of customers in the world.

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